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Woah it has been a long month or so. This weekend is the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) No-Gi Pan American Championships. My professor and I signed up right when the federation announced the tournament. This began a grueling camp to prepare for victory.

As I mentioned in a previous article, everyone who competes must find their own recipe for success. A key ingredient in mine, is the preparation. It keeps me from feeling any kind of doubt because I trust the process. If I put in the work, trust in my professor, and perform the way I know that I am capable then there is no reason I should not arise victorious.

It was definitely a roller coaster of a camp though that’s for sure! Dealing with the pop, dealing with the doubt, dealing with weight management, and all the other goodies of a camp. Every drop of sweat and blood is worth it to get my hand raised in the end.

I fly out in the morning, I am very excited. Someone asked me once if I get nervous or anxious before a tournament. I always keep something one of my coaches told me a couple years ago fresh in my mind.

“Anxiety and excitement are the same thing, it all depends on how you interpret the feelings mentally.”Cody ‘The Texas Zombie’ Owens

I am not sure if he realizes how much that stuck with me, possibly upon reading this he will. But I have applied that exact mentality to so much in my life and it has helped me every time; on and off the mats.

I can honestly say that I have never felt better going into a tournament. It is no secret that I specialize in submission only type matches, points have never been my friends. Although, this last camp I feel I have closed the strategic holes in my game, the points will be my friend this time around.

Time to bring a gold medal home to Team Rivas! Next article will be a recap on how everything turned out so stay tuned!

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