Submission Hunter Pro 58 Recap

Submission Hunter Pro made its debut in Houston Saturday night and the action did not

disappoint! In the main event, Ricardo Evangelista defended his Super HWY Gi title successfully against UFC Vet Roger Narvaez. The match went into overtime with Professor Evangelista able to secure a 5-0 points advantage as time ran out.

Christian Guzman defended the 145 lb Brown Belt NoGi title against Carlos Henriquez securing the title with a straight ankle lock.

Full list of results

Joaquin Tamayo vs Max Tippit ends in a draw

Ellee Tippit def Sophia Pinachio via Pressure

Issac Tracy vs Dominic Bailey ends in a draw

Hasnat Raza vs John Rich ends in a draw

Eric Garcia def Kolton Englund via Baseball Bat Choke

Joseph Sirju vs Daniel Rivas ends in a draw

CJ Hancock vs Reed Shelger ends in a draw

Cameron Graves vs Omar Hillail ends in a draw

Robert Ezzell vs Thomas Mancha ends in a draw

Michael Esquivel vs Jason Soliz ends in a draw

Jared Chaffee def Tyler Scalisi via Kneebar

James Markle vs Chris Martinez ends in a draw

Jeff Messina def Randy Rodriguez via Triangle Choke

Jason Youseph vs Jose Llanas ends in a draw

Ricardo Evangelista def Roger Narvaez via Points in OT. #AndStill SHP Black Belt Super HVY Gi Champion

Kemoy Anderson vs Musab Raza ends in a draw

Ricky Turcios vs Erik Wright ends in a draw

Joshua Wilson vs Kyle Atkinson ends in a draw

Kevin Martinez vs Franklin Carballo ends in a draw

Morgan Oriahi def Steve Portillo via Triangle Choke

Chris Farias def Chance Norman via Cross-Collar Choke

Mike Tracy def Ryan Sheehan via Reverse Armbar

Cristian Guzman def Carlos Henriquez via Ankle Lock. #AndStill Brown Belt 145 NoGi Champion

Duke Edwards def Cody Owens via Bow & Arrow Choke

Jordan Plutin vs Levi Gutierrez ends in a draw

Yadier Del Valle def Gabriel Macario via Ankle Lock

Gavin Sonnier def Mikey Patterson via Rear-Naked Choke

Jason Langellier def Anthony Misitano via Arm Triangle Choke

Curry Gaut vs Michael Nguyen ends in a draw

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