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Don't Look Back

So, Pan Ams did not go my way. First round, I made a tactical error by getting tunnel vision and not variating from my original game plan despite the guard my opponent was playing. This resulted in him taking my back, scoring the points, and riding the clock to finish with a point victory.

I will not be looking back at this loss any further, time to focus on the next match.

Submission Hunter Pro 63 is this week, and I have a great matchup that is really going to test my abilities as a sub hunter.

I keep many matches scheduled. Usually I have two or three tournaments or super fights scheduled within the next month or two. This leaves me with very little time to sit and dwell on a loss. I find that many people tend to focus too much on the lows of the rollercoaster that they get stuck in the past. This creates a fear of competition in my opinion.

I have said this in the past. If competing is your goal, then be prepared to lose. There are so many competitors just like you trying to claw their way to the top ranks and fight for the big bucks. Some of them are going to beat you, so get back to work and beat them next time. Dwelling on what you did wrong or how much better they were that day will do nothing but cloud your progress. Trust the process and keep grinding!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and got to spend time with your families! If you are competing soon, I also hope that you make weight, hardest part of the holidays. It’s not the turkey or the deviled eggs that get you! It’s the buttermilk pies! Well that’s my weakness anyways. Thankfully this year I was able to maintain my self-control and only eat one entire pie, so I guess you could say things got pretty serious.

This week I will be grinding hard, making sure I am ready and healthy for this superfight. Word is that a good performance may or may not get me a title shot, fingers crossed for that. My professor Daniel Rivas will also be competing for a belt, so be sure to come out and support!

Soon I will be interviewing the “Texas Zombie” Cody Owens. The man has a plethora of knowledge in Jiu Jitsu competition as well as professional mixed martial arts. Should call for a very interesting article!

Train hard and train safe guys!

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