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Submission Hunter Pro 63

It’s the eve of an amazing Submission Hunter Pro event, staked with many great grapplers ranging from kids to veteran black belts! So, I figured I would do a promotional article completely dedicated to some of the matches I am most looking forward to. Most important of which is obviously mine!

​Just kidding! Mine isn’t even a title match.

First match in the lineup that really sticks out to me is Professor Marvin Castelle from 10th planet vs. Professor Jacob Allphin with Denizen Jiu-Jitsu. Marvin become somewhat famous with his absolutely flawless “Imanari Roll”. Since then, he has been on a competitive tear and showing the world that he is one of the top competitors in the game today. In this 145 lb No-Gi submission only match he is facing the very dangerous grappler Jacob Allphin. I have watched Jacob compete in a handful of events over the years and he is consistently impressing me with his sweeping and submission skills. This is a match that could very possibly turn into match of the night!

​Next match may be an obvious interest for me since my very own professor is competing for the 155 lb master No-Gi title. Professor Daniel Rivas owner and coach of Team Rivas BJJ vs. Professor Chad Robichaux of Carlson Gracie is a title match that guarantees excitement. Both of these incredible grapplers have forward pressure and neither of them yield position for anything. It will be interesting to see which grappler can impose their will on the other, I may have a biased opinion, but I’m rooting for Professor Daniel Rivas! Be sure to tune in for this exciting title match!

​For the 175 lb master Gi title we have boss man himself, Eric Garcia, representing Team Tooke vs. Morgan Oriahi representing GFT/Paradigm. Both Eric and Morgan have proven themselves legitimate submission hunters working their ways to this clash. I do not for a second think that this match is going to end up making it to the points period. I expect an aggressive finish from one of these grapplers.

​And then there is me. I will be taking on Jacob Miller from Urban Jungle. I do not know much about my opponent except that he is tough and likes to wrestle. I personally love to wrestle in my matches, so I look forward to competing against a grappler that isn’t afraid to tie up and go head to head. As far as the rest of the match, I had a great camp and I feel really goodgoing into this matchup. I am ready to show just how much of a submission hunter I am.

​Tune in December 5th at the Bayou City Event Center for a night of submission grappling that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat start to finish! Starts at 4pm, don’t be late!

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